Trailer for transport mini digger

Trailer dedicatated for transport mini digger springermax, no necessary to have B category in driving license.

Technical details:

  • Permissible charge 858 kg
  • Overrun brake
  • Tilt – possibility of drive in directly on a trailer by mini digger
  • Trailer permissible gross weight 1100 kg
  • Weight of trailer 242 kg
  • AL-KO axis
  • Ball holder with al-ko clutch indicator
  • 4 loading holders
  • Support circle
  • Spare wheel

Hydraulic driller with set of drills

Hydraulic driller is a perfect tool for a different kinds of drilling holes for example for fencing posts or planting trees.

Drill set:

  • Ø100
  • Ø150
  • Ø200



Loading ramps

Aluminium loading ramps matched for trailers and vans. Ramps with strengthened construction and with length: 2,7 m.


Grab tool

Grab tool for Mini Digger SpringerMAX. Perfect tool that allows grab for example: roots, stones, tree stumps, rocks and other.